Scottish Highlight: Arran Port Cask

Take a Dive Into A Modern Scottish Marvel

After seeing all the different spirits that have been brought to life in this world, it is always nice to find something that can stick out in your mind as something out of the ordinary. Arran Port Cask comes from a long line of Arran Whisky products but is still consistently made to perfection. Arran Port has been acclaimed to have a fantastic full body that could turn even the most stubborn of whisky heads.

For those who enjoy class over just simply a name, we beg of you to open up your minds and discover the names just like Arran. This bottle has been known to complement a nice bottle of Red Wine, just as their entire line of products has and was originally released in 2010. This complex drink has even been named to Gavin D. Smith's, "1001 Whiskies You Must Taste Before You Die" in 2012 and 2013! Dive into a bottle today and introduce your taste buds to "something different".

Take a look at their site below and maybe you might find yourself a glass or two deep in Arran Port Cask


Price: R930.00

Taste: Rich and full body with hints of cereal, apple pie and cinnamon.

 Smell: Vanilla, dried fruits, hazelnut, orange, with small pieces of honey and fudge



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