Scotch Highlight, Bells Millenium 2000

Its not just the bottle, but what lies inside the bottle that matters

Bells has been an astounding name in the world of Scotch Whiskey since 1850. Arthur Bells, the founder and original craftsman, set upon himself the task to creating one of the best spirits known to man. As one of the pioneers of the process of blending whiskies, he enabled it to be available to many different drinkers thus raising its potential to be enjoyed by more.

The brand has always been one of Britain's favourite whiskies because its tendency to please the many different tastes and preferences of their consumers. His famous blend is a mix between a specific blend of fine malt and grain whiskies with the touch of an aged master distiller. They obtain their malt whiskies from all throughout Scotland and are blended together and matured in oak casks for 8 years to continue to enhance the spirits flavour. After the process is finished it is placed in a glass decanter that covered with important dates in the history of not only Bells company but also the country of Scotland.

Price: R2,500.00
Taste: Spicy, nutty and rich

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