Jack Daniels: Stealing Hearts Across the Pond

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The American Made Whiskey That Finally Topped The Home Grown!

Throughout the years, it has been said that, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." That may be true, but in the eyes of hardcore whisky drinkers it says wonders that Jack Daniels has topped the ever popular The Famous Grouse as Britains most popular whisky spirit!

According to "The Grocer", the prominent food and drink magazine in Britain, the American whisky experienced an astounding jump of 9.3% across the pond and showed no signs of turning around. This also "coincided with a 4.4 per cent slump in sales of the six leading blended Scotches, with sales of The Famous Grouse alone plummeting by 14.9%." (www.telegraph.co.uk)

The Jack Daniels brand has also now even been recognized as Britain's ninth biggest alcohol brand which was a two spot jump from last year. Its rival, The Famous Grouse, has endured the terrible opposite effect and has been bumped out of the top 10! With an American lively feel to it, it has been thought that the Jack Daniels American spirit has encapsulated the younger generation with its marketing techniques and generational approach to the spirit world. This has allowed them to power through the generational gap and explode onto the scene in Europe!