American Highlight: Gentleman Jack

"The Whiskey Gentleman Drink"

Just like Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and Jack Daniels Single Barrel, this brother is also charcoal mellowed before taking its plunge into the barrel. The main difference is Gentleman jack receives an additional "blessing" during its mellowing process once it has reached maturity which ultimately gives it its amazing smoothness. Gentleman Jack is known to be a full-bodied spirit with fruits and spices extra taste and a silky and warm finish for your pallet.

Price: R299.00
Smell: Most have said that compared to its famous counterpoint, "Old No. 7", the Gentleman Jack has a lighter  oak and drier finish with a slight hint of brown sugar, maple, vanilla, and apple.
Taste: Is said to have a sweet vanilla, apple and stone fruit taste without losing its Jack Daniels supreme flavour.

"When you drink Gentleman Jack, do so with pride, for this is the whiskey a gentleman orders."

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